Retired College Athletes: My New Passion Project

Hello wonderful people! I hope this Thursday is treating you well!

Today’s post is a mix of two things: an announcement and an ask for help.

For those of you who may be new to my blog, I’m a former college athlete. I played basketball for the better part of my youth (since I was 7) and for four years in college.

My college athletic story… well, I haven’t shared much of it on this platform. To be honest,  even a full year later, I’m still digesting my career, everything that happened, all that went into it, etc.

But I know I’m not the only one. When you’ve played a sport your whole life and then it stops one day, things can seem a bit weird. The word “closure” or lack thereof comes to mind and everyone deals with it differently.

From chatting with friends and fellow college athlete acquaintances I’ve met along the way, I’ve heard some amazing, heart-breaking, crazy, triumphant, and incredible stories of their time in college athletics and I would love to highlight those stories in my newest passion project: Retired College Athletes.

Retired College Athletes will be a blog, podcast, and ultimately a book of stores from former college athletes. It’s about us speaking transparently about how our college athletic experiences were in hopes of gaining perspective from other former athletes’ stories, but also giving valuable information to aspiring college athletes as well. Don’t you wish you knew then what you know now? I sure do!

So please, share it all, the amazing, great, good, bad and ugly. My only caveat is that it’s true.

In years past, it seems as though the only college athletic stories I’ve heard are of those who went on to be pros in their sport. While that’s wonderful and I invite anyone who has had the opportunity to do so to contribute, I think it’s about time people hear from the rest of us, the 98%.

There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes, and [98%] of us will go pro in something other than sports.

With all that said, I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could spread the word about this passion project. For those who may be interested, there is a survey to fill out. It is only for former college athletes, but I would love to find ways to incorporate others as well, so leave your suggestions in the comments. (I’m not kidding, I’m open to any suggestions!)

Also, please spread the word! Share the survey link with those you feel might be interested.

Your stories are the driving force behind this project. Tell your story and help future college athletes be better informed going into what will be a life-changing experience for them.

The survey will be open until February 18th, 2018 Thank you in advance! You guys are the best!

Until next time, get up, get moving and live your best life!

Gift Guide: Top 5 Gifts for the Fitness Junkie In Your Life!

Hey, everyone! Today we are focusing on gifts for the fitness junkie in our lives. We all know at least one person who prioritizes the gym over taco Tuesday or invites you on friend/family outings that involve fitness. Whoever they may be, here are some awesome gifts that they’ll definitely use because they aline with their active lifestyles and fitness goals.


s-l1000If you regularly keep up with my blog then this is no surprise to you. I’ve dedicated a whole post to this item in the past. It’s the BodyBoss, and I love and use it frequently. As someone who doesn’t love going to the gym, but loves to get a good workout in, the BodyBoss allows me to accomplish just that from anywhere.

Whether I’m traveling or just want to do a little resistance training at home, the BodyBoss is my go to. I recently created a post dedicated solely to the BodyBoss, so if you’re curious an want to learn more/read more of my thoughts on this product than definitely click here. While the BodyBoss usually costs $179, if you use the promo code SYDNEYUMERI you can get 15% off your order.

Hydro Flask

I know, there are so many bottles to choose from these days so what makes this bottle better? I personally love this brand,Hydro Flask because they have so many different bottle sizes (12oz, 32o, 64oz, etc.) but all of their caps (wide mouth, straw, etc.) are universal. This makes staying hydrated really easy, especially if you purchase more than one of their bottles or any other products in their line.

Also, your drinks or food, depending on what you pick up, can stay hot or cold for over 12 hours. Staying hydrated is so important for everyone, but may be a point of emphasis for the fitness junkie in your life. Help them out by getting them a water bottle that can fit their needs and is built to last. Hydro Flasks can range from $30-$130 depending on the size.

Quiet Punch

quiet-punch-1A full review of this product is on the way, most likely in the new year, but if your fit friend enjoys boxing, then this will be perfect for them. The Quiet Punch is a small, portable punching bag that makes significantly less noise than a regular punching bag, Now whoever you’re gifting to can get a good boxing workout in without leaving their house (all they need is a doorway), but even more importantly, it’s quiet so it won’t disturb anyone. Also, from what I understand, it comes with an app that can put you through a boxing workout! The quiet punch is $125.

Five12 Apparel

Again, another product that I have yet to review this year, but trust me, a review is coming soon. I heard about Five12 a little while ago and have fallen in love with their brand, what they stand for, and the quality of their products. If the fitness junkie you’re gifting to like fitness and sustainability than Five12 is for you. They make their clothing out of’ fabric, which is a technical composite made out of coffee grounds. The properties found in the coffee gives the fabric its odor absorbing properties, as well as UV protection, a fast drying time and much more. Yes, that’s right for all of you coffee lovers, Five12 is giving your used coffee grounds a second life through clothing. Also, their clothes are quite affordable if you ask me. I mean, I love Lululemon among other brands, but I don’t love their prices. At the moment, Five12’s most expensive piece is $75, but if you use the promo code Sydney17, you can get 20% off your order.

Running Belt

I know not everyone runs, and while this belt can be used during any exercise, I find it to be most beneficial when I run. I never loved the running armband that you could put your phone in, and when my last running belt broke, I decided to get this one. It’s way higher quality than my last one and allows me to carry my essentials (phone, money, ID, etc.) when running. Also, it’s less than $15!

I hope this blog post was helpful for you guys and at least jumpstarted your thought process on gift giving for the fitness junkie in your life.

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Until next time get up get moving and live your best life. Happy Holidays!

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BodyBoss: Bring the gym to you!

As I’ve mentioned in many of my recent blog posts, the holidays are around the corner. Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and right after that, the world will jump into gift giving, party throwing and celebration mode.

But you know what that means, holiday food, which often leads to holiday pounds, and then guilt, followed by fad diet resolutions… I could go on. To think that could all be prevented if we just practiced moderation during the holidays and added a few workouts to our daily routines.

I know what you’re thinking.

“I don’t have time for the gym? I don’t even like the gym. Even if I did like the gym, I wouldn’t know where to start.”

Trust me, I get it. I was a division one athlete, and I still don’t love going to the gym. Whether it’s the expensive memberships that keep you from going, not knowing what to do when you get there or simply being intimidated, I have a solution for you.

Over a month ago I came across a company called the BodyBoss. They make working out at home (or from anywhere) really simple. To keep it short, the BodyBoss is an awesome resistance training system that you can use anywhere.

It consists of (1) instruction manual (1) accessories carrying bag (1) fold up vector fit base (1) collapsable workout bar (2) handles (2) wrist/ankle straps (2) resistance bands and (1) door anchor with a ring.

Reading about this could be kind of confusing, so here is a video of me unboxing my BodyBoss so that you can put a name to the items included.

Disclaimer: There are two BodyBoss packages you can buy, one with two bands and others with four. Mine was the one with four. Also, BodyBoss only sells packages with one door anchor instead of two now.

Through the items provided, the BodyBoss gives you access to pieces of equipment that you often find at gyms, as well as the opportunity to recreate familiar gym exercises without having to actually leave your house.

It is really easy to use, but instead of writing about it, I thought I’d show you.

It’s amazing how much you’re able to accomplish simply using resistance bands, but the bar, handles, ankle/wrist straps, and door anchor help take your workouts to another level.

Now, I will be honest, if you’re a big weightlifter, this equipment won’t lead to major gains. In your case, it could be a great way to supplement your workouts by focusing on form, performing higher reps, and grooving movement patterns.

But for most of us who aren’t big into weight lifting and just want to maintain healthy and active lifestyles, then the BodyBoss is definitely for you.

Whether you’ve dabbled in weight/resistance training or this is your first time, the BodyBoss instruction manual gives you everything you might need to get started. BodyBoss also offers more information and workout programs for you to join on their website.

As I mentioned before, I’ve had mine for a few weeks now, and it has really become a big part of my workout routine. Don’t get me wrong, I still drag myself to the gym every once in a while. But it’s great to know that on days that I don’t want to go, or simply can’t make it, the BodyBoss is waiting for me at home, and within seconds of setting it up, I could be well on my way to completing a great workout.

Like any well-rounded review, I will mention a few minor things I wish were different about the BodyBoss.

  1. I wish their fold-up vector fit bases had handles that could be combined or strapped together, similar to the small handles found on gym duffle bags. That would make carrying the BodyBoss around feel more secure. It’s a small detail, but one that I think could improve the product.
  2. I wish the equipment came with separate but extra equipment padding for when it wears out in the future. Maybe that can be sold separately on the BodyBoss website.
  3. I also wish that there were different level resistance bands available for purchase or that came with the BodyBoss. This would be great for anyone who needed or wanted more resistance.

Those are just my thoughts after using the BodyBoss for the past three weeks. But despite those points, I really don’t know what I did before having the BodyBoss and would highly recommend you pick one up for yourself.

It’s so nice to bring the gym to you instead of having to go out of your way to workout.

If you would like to learn more about the BodyBoss, please head over to their website for more information.

Also, the people at the BodyBoss were so kind, and are offering readers of 15% of their order(s) by using the code SYDNEYUMERI.

Try them out and please let me know what you think. I’m a big believer in what they’re creating and how they are bringing fitness into the homes of everyday people.

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Also, come find me all over the web, I’m @sydneyumeri on all social media platforms.

Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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Zoella: A YouTuber Teaching Us That Moderation Is Best

For those who know me best, you know I love watching YouTube. It’s my entertainment of choice, and while I have shouted out a few wonderful YouTubers that I love in previous posts, I recently came across one that made such an impact on me I had to dedicate a whole blog post to her and the lessons I’ve learned through her.

I first heard of Zoella years ago, and while I would watch her videos here and there, I was not a loyal fan. That all changed about a month ago when I went on a Zoella, or MoreZoella (her vlog channel) marathon.


I was bored of the YouTube videos in my subscriptions box and just wanted a change. I also wanted to watch something that would make me happy, and what is happier than Vlogmas?

For those who don’t know, Vlogmas is when YouTubers vlog (video log) every day leading up until Christmas, from December 1st until December 24th or 25th. Granted, I was watching this in September… I know, it might seem like I was getting way ahead of myself, but honestly, people are in the best moods during Christmas time, so I just wanted to watch happy and cheery content.

I watched Zoella’s Vlogmas 2016 and then decided to binge on Vlogmas 2015 as well, and once you’ve watched nearly 50 videos of someone carrying out their daily life, it’s almost like you know them, or at least have a good idea of who they are.


I must say, watching Zoella’s vlogs (MoreZoella) was and still is so refreshing. I was getting tired of YouTube lifestyle blogger because it was all the same thing, “Morning Routine,” “Night Routine,” “Fall Morning Routine,” “How I Lost Weight,” “What I Eat In A Day.” While those titles and videos are all fine and good, YouTube has simply been oversaturated with those kinds of videos. How many routines do you need? Why do you have a Monday night routine?

Also, it seemed as though every YouTuber has created a weight loss video, not because they were actually documenting their own journey, but because it’s trendy. The worst part is that you’d watch the video and they’d be like, “So, I ate a grape for breakfast and a blueberry for dinner, I basically skipped lunch, and I lost five pounds!”

I wish I were joking.

Then there are the YouTubers who have the best intentions of being healthy but ultimately come off as hypochondriacs or product pushers. They’ll tell you about the bone broth they bought and the 30 vitamins they’re taking, as well as their avocado toast on sprouted bread that they have with their lemon water and apple cider vinegar short every morning, oh, can’t forget the green juice, and the borderline addiction to Soul Cycle.

I’m not doing this to make fun of many YouTube creators I watch, but I’m doing this to paint the picture of what many of us (I hope) already see. This isn’t realistic. In my opinion, health or trying to be healthy shouldn’t be something to obsess over. Instead, I think it’s something that we should all be moving toward every day will small steps that actually fit into the fabric and daily schedules of our lives.

Don’t have time to make avocado toast every morning, or simply don’t have an avocado? Oatmeal, fruit, or maybe even a breakfast bar will do. It doesn’t even have to be the super popular RX ones. (No shade to RX, I love them too!)


Don’t want to pay $30 for a Soul Cycle spin class or a gym membership? A PopSugar workout video on YouTube or a run around your neighborhood will do.

Want to eat pizza or skip a day of workouts? That’s fine too.

Basically, do what works for you. There shouldn’t be pressure to be a certain image of healthy or to follow in the footsteps of the influencers you watch because healthy takes many forms.

It’s like YouTube lifestyle vloggers have turned into that one fitness Instagrammer that you like, but whenever you see their pictures, you start to feel like crap about yourself.

With all of that said, many of you might be wondering why I mentioned Zoella. Well, in the overly health conscious YouTube space, it’s nice to see a YouTuber who just lives her life as she pleases with no extreme emphasis on being healthy.

You can find Zoella ordering pizza in 1 out of every 4 Vlogmas vlogs you watch and Wagamamas a few times as well. While that is not groundbreaking content, it’s just not something you see on YouTube much more.


It seems like Zoella simply wants to be happy, and enjoy life despite the societal pressure to eat a certain way and live a certain lifestyle. She doesn’t work out often, the food she can’t live without is pizza, and yet she is still healthy and thriving.

So maybe this is a little reminder to everyone that yes, being healthy is great, but everything is done best in moderation, even the healthiest of things.

If you want the piece of cake, eat the piece of cake and don’t feel sorry about it. If you want to workout, go workout but make sure you’re doing it for you.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle but feel it doesn’t live up to what everyone else is saying a healthy lifestyle should look like, remember health, like many other things, is personal. Do what you’re comfortable with, improve at your pace, and make sure whatever you decided, you are doing it because that is truly what you want to do, not what society, or in this case Youtube, told you to do.

You can find Zoella here:

YouTube Channels: Main Channel & Vlog Channel

Blog: Zoella

Instagram: @Zoella


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My Favorite Health & Wellness Podcasts

Hello, everyone and welcome to the fifth and final day of Wellness Week on my blog. If you’re just now joining us for Wellness Week and don’t even know what it is, this past week I have been posting blogs focusing on nutrition, health, and overall wellness every day, Monday through Friday at 8am EST. If you missed a day along the way, here is a list and links to the blogs from Monday through Thursday.

Monday  – My Thoughts On “What The Health”

Tuesday – Get Fit With DeanFit

Wednesday – Maddie’s Market: One Stop Shop for Natural Skin and Body Care

Thursday – App Appreciation: Headspace

For this final day, I want to leave you guys with a few resources to continue exploring health and wellness on your own. These are resources that I frequently use, usually every day, as constant reminders that I should be striving towards healthy living.


My love for podcasts have grown within the last year, but more importantly within the last month. During this time I have found three podcasts that I listen to that truly inspire healthy living. Here they are…

The Party In my Plants Podcast


Talia Pollock, the host of this podcast, is incredible! She brings so much energy to her podcasts and makes you want to listen to what she and her guests have to say. Her motto is, “[She] makes healthy living as fun as a party so that you’ll, ya know, actually want to do it, and then actually feel, look and live your best.”

While many of her shows are about nutrition, her podcasts truly do encompass all things healthy living. She has interviewed the creator and founder of Genexa, an organic medicine company (yes, you read that right, organic medicine), as well as the creator of Franklin & Whitman, a company that creates all natural, paraben free skin care. These are just two among many other people, author, nutritionists, etc. that have made appearances on her show.

By listening to her podcast, you open yourself up to a wealth of knowledge delivered in a fun and interesting way. I promise you won’t get bored; I know I don’t!

The Model Health Show


The Model Health Show is an excellent podcast run by Sean Stevenson, a fitness and nutrition expert, who dedicates he’s podcast to all things health and exercise related. He truly comes to this podcast from a genuine place of wanting to help people. I will not give his whole story away because I think it’s worth listening to him tell it, but Sean was able to fully rebuild his body from an extremely fragile state through changes in his health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

If anything, he is an inspiration, showing that you can start from the bottom and work your way towards optimum health through daily habits and progress. With over 235 shows on his podcast, you will find at least one podcast that resonates with you and will have ample opportunity to learn new things related to health and wellness.

The Essential Oil Revolution

This podcast covers a topic I am passionate about but also, one which I do not have the most knowledge. Hosted by Samantha Lee Wright, you will have access to information about the miracles of essential oils. As you know, I did not dedicate a whole post to essential oils during this Wellness Week because I feel that I have so much more to learn about them before I can share my thoughts with you. But one thing I will say is that essential oils are extremely powerful and can make a big difference in your health and wellness.

Often, people brush essential oils off as another health craze on the market, and I don’t blame them. I was the same way. But after doing my research, they truly are remarkable, and I highly recommend you take time to listen to this podcast, as well as seek out your knowledge of how these oils can help you.

In short, essential oils are like nature’s medicine at your finger tips. While at times, Western medicine is necessary, I think we rely too much on it day-to-day. Many of our illnesses can be prevented just by using what the earth has given to us, not hard pharmaceutical medicine. Essential oils are from oils of the plants they are derived. So if you genuinely care about what you eat, how you exercise, and ultimately, what you put on your body, then I think learning more about essential oils can be the next step to amping up your health and wellness game. There will be a full post dedicated to these oils in the future, but for now, I highly recommend the Essential Oil Revolution podcast.

While I could give you many more resources to check out, I think these are a great place to start, and they are easy to access. Whether on iTunes or Stitcher, they are completely free and at your fingertips. Also, they are podcasts, so you can listen to them wherever, whenever, and while multitasking. No need to solely dedicate a part of your day to learn this information. You can fit it into your life however it works best for you.

Wellness Week Wrap-Up

I have to say, I have had so much fun creating these blog posts focused on health and wellness because that truly is a passion of mine. I hope they’ve been informative and have pushed you to evaluate what small changes you can make to your life to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled one.

If you liked this blog post or any of the ones shared this week during Wellness Week, please be sure to share them on social media. Also, comment down below our favorite post, and any suggestions on topics or themed weeks you’d like me to write about in the future.

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Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

Get Fit with DeanFit

Welcome to day two of Wellness Week on my blog, where I post health, nutrition, and overall wellness posts every day this week at 8am EST. Yesterday’s blog post can be found here. Now for today’s post…

So what would wellness week be without a post dedicated to exercise? I can hear the groans now, and trust me I get it. For some, exercise is your least favorite thing in the world, but that’s why for this blog post I’ve collaborated with a good friend of mine, Kelsi Dean, owner and creator of DeanFit.

Whether you’re all about sweating, shredding, and pumping iron, or your short walk from your car into the office is all you can commit to regarding a daily exercise routine, then DeanFit is for you.

A former college volleyball player at the University of Belmont, Kelsi Dean, got her start helping a friend in the music industry get ready for a video shoot. In an industry where what you look like matters, Kelsi was able to help her friend tone up and get fit in a matter of weeks with a specific, detailed, yet doable fitness and nutrition plan.

Now serving people of all ages across the U.S. striving to meet their fitness goals, Kelsi makes herself available to her clients 24/7 answering question, solving problems, and keeping them motivated to attain their primary health and fitness goals.


On her social media platforms (Instagram and Snapchat) Kelsi gives free fitness and nutrition tips, mini workouts, and much more, so definitely follow her on those platforms. But if you sign up with her, she offers three programs, each with very reasonable pricing to match your specific fitness goals.

“The first program is full body shed that uses cardio to tone up your body while building muscle. That’s for someone who would like to go for the whole 360. But a lot of people will come to me for the second program which is toning up and getting that ”summer body’ like many people say. Program three is just building muscle and focusing on different body parts. You can either choose three times a week or four times a week.”


While she continues to serve clients specifically through her current programs mentioned above, in the long run, Kelsi would like DeanFit to be something people look to as a lifestyle brand. “I really just want to make it where people can come and get free fitness and nutrition advice.” But more specifically where the everyday person can get realistic and doable programming that doesn’t heavily stress them and doesn’t require them to turn their whole world upside down to get results.

With so many fitness people and companies vying for your attention, what sets DeanFit apart is that she offers genuine advice and actually wants to help people.

“There is a lot of fake stuff out there, and you really have to be careful about the information you take from people. You don’t know if they’re doing it for whatever reason. So I try to be genuine and show my unique and crazy personality while giving people the real. When people think of DeanFit, I want it to be a place where people can go get trusted advice, trusted help, and really know that whether it’s me or whoever I hire to help, really cares about them. It’s not just for profit. It’s something I really started from passion. I just want people to trust that I’m really there to help them.”


So with all this said, I truly hope you take a moment out of your day to explore DeanFit and see if it can work for you. But if after all this you’re still skeptical, you don’t have to take my word for it, take Bloom’s (the ultimate wellness website for women) advice. They wrote an article highlighting some of the best women in fitness to inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals and Kelsi Dean was the first mentioned. You can read up on it here.

Again, if you have a fitness and nutrition routine that works for you, that’s awesome! But if you have some goals you want to reach and are looking for the first step to get there I highly recommend DeanFit.



You can follow Kelsi on her social media platforms:

IG: @deanfitbykld

Snapchat: @kldean1


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Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

Yoga, Pure Barre & Kickboxing Review

As I have mentioned before, my college career ended on March 3rd, and I wasted no time implementing a solid workout routine. While I dedicate an hour and a half each morning to cardio and weights, I like to throw in a few exercise classes to spice things up.


If you are anything like me, you’re probably under the impression that yoga is easy. Probably because most “yogis” are super chill and yoga is all about stretching, right?Well, that is a myth. It honestly depends on the class you sign up for. Some yoga classes are more focused on meditation, others on your core, balance, restoration, the list goes on. If you want to do yoga only because you want to stretch, then I think you’re better off just stretching by yourself.  But if you want to stretch, work on strength, balance and your core, then yoga is for you.

The first yoga class I ever took was a hot vinyasa class. I think I overestimated my abilities. While I didn’t die during the workout, there were a few times I came pretty closes. (I know! I’m dramatic.) While I am new to yoga and still learning about the different styles, vinyasa is definitely a more advanced form. Try it if you want, but you will definitely understand what I’m talking about when you’ve held a plank for five minutes, you’re sweating bullets because the room is a sauna, your muscles are shaking, and your instructor is telling you to “Just breath through it.”

I highly recommend that you take flow or sequence classes that are not hot as your introduction to yoga. Once you’ve done those, you can slowly incorporate beginner or intermediate hot class as you get more comfortable and begin to understand what yoga is all about.

I like yoga because it is a very self-reflective practice. Whenever I go to yoga I know I can work on myself, but in the presence of others. Often at the beginning of class, you’ll set a focus for yourself or as a class. A common theme of many of my classes has been letting go of anything (any energy) that doesn’t serve you.

It’s a great way to clear your mind, push yourself mentally and physically, and meet other amazing people in your community.

Pure Barre

It’s all about “finding your shake.” What is “your shake,” you ask? It is when your muscles start to shake as you fatigue them during an exercise or movement. Barre is an exercise that closely resembles the movements and workouts of ballerinas. As the name alludes to, you work with a bar and a few other items (2-3 pound weights, a small exercise ball, and circular exercise cords) to get the most out of each workout.

Pure Barre is all about working in opposite directions. You will hear the phrase “heavy tailbone,” because it helps to isolate muscles and ultimately “find your shake.” As someone who trained as a college athlete, I find pure barre to be quite challenging. Pushing through fatigue is hard despite the fact that all movements are minuscule. It causes me to work my mental toughness just as much as it makes me work physically. This has been refreshing because one of the biggest lessons I learned during college athletics was mental toughness. I’m glad I get the opportunity to work that “muscle” as well as all my other ones.


I have tried both boxing and kickboxing and have decided that I like boxing more. While kickboxing is fun and very similar, I just find boxing to be more my style. It’s easier for me to focus on punching combinations without adding in kicks and switching my footwork.

But let me backtrack and start by saying boxing and kickboxing are both great workouts! You will definitely sweat and be tired after but isn’t that what you went there for? Usually, you will have a warm up that is honestly harder than actual boxing or kickboxing workout. It will consist of jumping jacks, different variations of squats, lunges, planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, etc. Then you go through a series of boxing or kickboxing combinations for multiple rounds. Depending on where you go and what class (boxing or kickboxing), your workout could end with 10-15 minutes of abs, boxing with a partner, or something similar to the warm up.

When I attended my first classes, I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s definitely worth the hour you’re paying for. There is no doubt you’ll get a quality workout in.

I hope this workout review was helpful, and that it inspires you to get active for at least one hour every day if you are not already.

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever tried these classes, if you plan to, and other workout classes that I should try in the future!

Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life.