Instagram: Content Worth Likes, Follows & Engagement

Instagram, like Facebook (because Instagram is owned by Facebook) is a platform that keeps on giving us digital marketers new things to learn and adjust to. But hey, that’s just the industry we’re in.

If your brand or company is looking to target anyone in the millennial or Gen Z demographic, then chances are you need to know how to market on Instagram too. But honestly, there are so many routes to go on this platform.

While regular ads are always useful, it’s easy to play without paying on Instagram if you know what you’re doing. Whether you’re new to marketing on IG or just want to stay up to date with what they’re rolling out, I’ve created a free ebook that goes through ways to curate your feed, utilize stories, and of course, successfully use the new IGTV feature to best engage your followers.

So download it, take a look, share it with friends if you feel so inclined, and if you’re still curious about how to advertise and build a presence on Instagram using both paid and organic content, reach out to me here for more information.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.11.45 PM


As always, get up, get moving and be salt & light!

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