Hey Strangers! I’m Back…

Hey Blog Family,

Sheesh… it’s been a while. It’s been since February, actually. I’d love to say I’ll never take a break that long again, but that is something I cannot promise because I don’t know what the future holds. What I do know is that I’m back for now and I’m excited to push out good content, but it will be a little different this time around.

On my home page, you might have noticed some new additions to the menu bar, both, digital marketing and faith. I’ve added these because much of my content will revolve around these two things.

Why digital marketing? I thought this was a lifestyle blog?

Good questions! I would have the same questions too, but honestly, this blog is a place where I come to be creative. I’ve been blogging (minus my breaks) for the past four years, and it’s no surprise that a lot can happen in four years. From personal growth to changing interests and new convictions, I want this platform to evolve and change with me, and I hope you guys are along for the ride!

With that said, I am adding digital marketing content to my blog because, in a sense, my blog is my portfolio. I put much of my creative work up here, but for those who don’t know, I actually do digital marketing for a living. I have a Masters of Journalism focused on Digital Content Strategy with a concentration on Social Media and a certificate in Business. To say the least, it’s a big part of my life and I’d like to share my knowledge with those who are interested. Also, I’d like to direct any clients or future clients to that page for information they can use to grow their business. So if you’re in need of a digital marketing consultant, a new and specified digital content strategy for your company, or someone to run your social media platforms, hit me up in the comments, I’d be happy to chat!

So why faith?

Guys, a lot has changed since the last time I blogged, and I must say my life has changed for the better. One of these days I’ll put up a post about my testimony, but to keep a long story short, the Lord Jesus Christ has truly been working on my heart, in my life, and through me on many different things over the past six months, and He continues to do so every day. When you come across something so good, you just have to share it as frequently as you can. So for those who are not religious or of other religions, feel free to stick around and read my content, I’m sure you’ll find life and value in it as well. But I do want to say that my Lord and Savior will have a strong hand in the content I create moving forward and if that makes you uncomfortable, feel free to exit out of my blog.

With that said, that is my mini life update, and I’m so happy to be back creating content on this platform. I hope you guys are excited for what’s to come.

Until next time, get up, get moving and be salt & light!

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