Black Panther was Revolutionary! Here’s why…

The power and importance of seeing people who look like you in positions of power have never been more clear than this past weekend when I saw Black Panther, not once but twice. To see what was almost a fully black cast, black directed, depicting people, especially women, of color in positions of power, and the mutual respect among men and women has forever changed my view of what is possible, and what is inherently learned through socialization and colonization.

Despite this being a film, that, of course, is based in a made up world, it sheds light on the equality between genders that I pray our nation and world reach one day. It also depicted the strength of black leadership, which is often a story left untold and mostly absent or in the dark both in the real world and in the imaginative arts.

A lot of the commentary around the film has been that it is great for little brown children to see because it can change their perception of what they can be for the better. But as a 22-year-old (child) I must say it has done the same for me.


To give a full review of this film would be doing it a huge a disservice. If you must know, just go watch it and form your own opinions. But as someone who loves all things Marvel and superhero related, I am so thankful to the cast and crew of Black Panther, for creating the narrative I longed to see during my childhood, and for breaking the glass ceiling, showing me and others the possibility and opportunity out there.

Who knew that a major black film, a superhero film, would ever be made? This film broke down barriers, not only making me even prouder to be black and proud to be of the cultures I come from, but to push me further into pursuing dreams I didn’t think were possible because I had never seen them done before.


To quote one of my favorite actresses and role model:

“I think we all see ourselves better when we can see ourselves in someone else.” – Lupita Nyang’o

I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Thank you for being one of the many I could see myself in, Lupita.

Until next time, get up get moving, and GO WATCH BLACK PANTHER… oh and live your best life! 😊

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