Retired College Athletes: My New Passion Project

Hello wonderful people! I hope this Thursday is treating you well!

Today’s post is a mix of two things: an announcement and an ask for help.

For those of you who may be new to my blog, I’m a former college athlete. I played basketball for the better part of my youth (since I was 7) and for four years in college.

My college athletic story… well, I haven’t shared much of it on this platform. To be honest,  even a full year later, I’m still digesting my career, everything that happened, all that went into it, etc.

But I know I’m not the only one. When you’ve played a sport your whole life and then it stops one day, things can seem a bit weird. The word “closure” or lack thereof comes to mind and everyone deals with it differently.

From chatting with friends and fellow college athlete acquaintances I’ve met along the way, I’ve heard some amazing, heart-breaking, crazy, triumphant, and incredible stories of their time in college athletics and I would love to highlight those stories in my newest passion project: Retired College Athletes.

Retired College Athletes will be a blog, podcast, and ultimately a book of stores from former college athletes. It’s about us speaking transparently about how our college athletic experiences were in hopes of gaining perspective from other former athletes’ stories, but also giving valuable information to aspiring college athletes as well. Don’t you wish you knew then what you know now? I sure do!

So please, share it all, the amazing, great, good, bad and ugly. My only caveat is that it’s true.

In years past, it seems as though the only college athletic stories I’ve heard are of those who went on to be pros in their sport. While that’s wonderful and I invite anyone who has had the opportunity to do so to contribute, I think it’s about time people hear from the rest of us, the 98%.

There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes, and [98%] of us will go pro in something other than sports.

With all that said, I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you could spread the word about this passion project. For those who may be interested, there is a survey to fill out. It is only for former college athletes, but I would love to find ways to incorporate others as well, so leave your suggestions in the comments. (I’m not kidding, I’m open to any suggestions!)

Also, please spread the word! Share the survey link with those you feel might be interested.

Your stories are the driving force behind this project. Tell your story and help future college athletes be better informed going into what will be a life-changing experience for them.

The survey will be open until February 18th, 2018 Thank you in advance! You guys are the best!

Until next time, get up, get moving and live your best life!

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