2017 was… My Year in a Blog Post

2017 was a lot of things…Empowering. Life changing. Crappy. Overwhelming. Heartbreaking. Devastating. Eye opening. A time for growing. A year of beginnings. A year of endings. A learning experience. Humbling. Confusing. Mind-blowing… I could go on. But here is my year in one post. Enjoy!


January to March was quite a blur, mainly because nothing really happened. I was in the middle of my final basketball season. But at the beginning of March, the game I’d played for 14 years was no longer a major part of my life; my season had come to an end. I was officially a retired college athlete… weird. 🙀 🤭 😔 So many mixed emotions but ultimately I felt as though it was a change for the better.

April-June In April, I honed my fitness, focused on me, and I took at 13-hour road trip by myself from Kansas to Georgia. At last, after 4 years of college, I was finally home! 🚗 May came, and I was feeling the travel bug. I “jetted”✈️(well… I few commercial) off to Europe to experience the wonderful country of Ireland. Being in such a different place and experiencing a culture different from my own allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for cultures out outside of my own. It’s always great to see life from other people’s perspective.

I also started making mini-documentary style videos. It was the beginning stages of Movers & Shakers.

July-September In July, I wrapped up my master’s classes and graduated! Two degrees!!!✏️📚🎓 I also started interning at CNN.


In August, I won a contest/sweepstakes! What are the chances? I won the opportunity to travel with Goose Island to Elk Mountain Farms in Bonners Ferry, Idaho and be a part of their Road to the Harvest event. I also got a chance to meet one of my favorite YouTubers, Erik Conover.

As someone who is not keen on beer, it was an awesome opportunity to better understand how beer is made, what goes into getting the IPA you’re drinking from the field to the table, and much more. All in all, while beer isn’t my drink of choice, because of this experience, when I do decide to drink beer, Goose Island will be my first choice. 🍺

In September, for the first time in four years, I was home to celebrate my moms birthday! I also visited New York for the first time ever and completely fell in love with the city. I loved the walking, the hustle, and bustle, but came to the conclusion that while many people get their start ruffing it in the city of opportunity, I’m just fine creating and taking hold of opportunities right where I am. It was here that I also gained a great appreciation for my hometown, both the city of Atlanta and the northern suburbs where I’m from.

@ Bethesda Terrace and Fountain

It was also my birthday month, and for some reason, turning 22 sparked some major changes in me. You can’t do the same things and expect different results. So long story short, I started to act and carry myself like more of an adult and let me tell you, adulting is hard.

November was a month for the books. I launched Movers & Shakers, Dad Hats Only (my apparel company that specialized in trendy dad hats), and landed my first real full-time adult job. The full-time adult job had been a long time coming. So many nights of crying, wondering why my friends have been hired and I hadn’t. Finally, all of that came to an end.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.40.55 PM

I promptly started my grown-up and professional job in early December and haven’t looked back since. I also promptly closed my new business, Dad Hats Only. It’s comical how short the life of that business was, but it truly taught me a lot about running a business. Plus, I read somewhere that the percentage of businesses that actually succeed are so small, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I also celebrated my brother’s birthday at home, then Christmas, and set off for DC to end 2017 and bring in the New Year with old friends. In particular, my best friend whom I hadn’t seen in 3.5 years.

All in all, 2017 was a pretty good year. Definitely, a year for growth and I’m excited to see what 2018 has to offer. It’s going to be a great one! Comment below some of your highlights from 2017! I’d love to hear them.

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Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!!

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