Christmas Bucket List

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

December is around the corner, and that means the countdown to Christmas (if you haven’t already started counting down) is about to begin. With that said, I created a bucket list of things that you can do to get and keep yourself in the holiday spirit as we countdown the days. Do An Advent CalendarIce SkateSip on Hot Chocolate (homemade is best!)Bake CookiesDecorate Your Christmas TreeWrap PresentsSend Christmas Cards_ Snail MailWatch Elf and Home AloneDecorat

I hope this bucket list gives you some ideas for activities to do to keep you in the holiday spirit. Also here is the printable PDF link to the bucket list so that you can hang it up and mark things off as you do them.

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Until next time, get up, get moving and live your best life! Happy Holidays!

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