Movers & Shakers: Kailee Feirer

It all started with a picture of her shoes. This picture to be exact!


As she sat with her friend trying to think of a caption before posting it on Instagram, her friend said, “#BrokenAnkles”. Just like that, a movement was born.

“Keep going, even if your ankles are broken.”

That’s the slogan behind Kailee Feirer’s company Broken Ankles. It’s a community committed to one cause, supporting those who need it most through hard times, with kind words, uplifting stories and so much more. I don’t know about you, but I can use a little pick-me-up every now and again because life can get pretty hard. With that said, I’m completely in support of the positive community Kailee has created through Broken Ankles.

In the grand scheme of things, who Broken Ankles supports isn’t very specific. You don’t have to be suffering from a terminal illness, you don’t have to be on the verge of being evicted, you don’t have to be completely down and out to feel love from this community and participate with Broken Ankles. No, you can be anybody, going through anything. Whatever hard time you’re going through, Broken Ankles, the company, and community want to be there for you, and Kailee wants to spread that message one Broken Ankles t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or sticker at a time.

Making every logo you see by hand in her bedroom, Kailee is trying to promote positivity and community with people who may not think anyone cares during their time of need. Broken Ankles is really just a reminder, that you can keep going, just one step at a time… one foot in front of the other. And in some cases, one hashtag or merch sale at a time.

Below is the Movers and Shakers second episode featuring, Kailee Feirer and her company. But before (or after) you watch it, head over to her website and check out her merchandise. She’s offering readers a 20% discount using the promo code Movers&Shakers17. Enjoy!

You can find Broken Ankles on their website and on Instagram (@shopbrokenankles).

Thanks for watching!

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