Podcast Review: Optimal Living Daily

If you’re on the lookout for some new podcasts to add to your iTunes library search no further, I have a few that you might like. You can check out my last podcast review post for some other recommendations, but for today, the podcasts I’m referring to all fall under the name Optimal Living Daily, and they do just that, help you to optimize different aspects of your life.

It all started with just the podcast titled Optimal Living Daily, but since then they have added four new podcasts, Optimal Finance Daily, Optimal Business Daily, Optimal Relationships Daily, and Optimal Health Daily. While Optimal Living Daily helps you to recognize different aspects of your life that you can change and improve upon, the others focus on the topics mentioned in their titles.

There are so many great things about these podcasts and valid reasons to listen, but these are a few reasons why I do.

1. Each Podcast is an Article

I think reading and consuming articles/books is important, but sometimes you just can’t get around to it. Maybe you have work, an event to go to, you might be taking care of your kids, or babysitting others, whatever the case may be, all Optimal Living Daily podcasts make it easy for you to consume information found in articles. This is because in these podcasts they read directly from popular articles and authors that fall under the main optimal topics (i.e., health, finance, business, etc.).

2. Short Podcasts

While I do enjoy longer form podcasts, sometimes you simply don’t have 30-45 or more minutes to commit to uninterrupted listening. Well lucky for you, all Optimal podcasts are generally under 10 minutes. I think the longest one I’ve ever heard was 13 minutes long, but typically, they’re around 8.

It’s great because you can get a short burst of knowledge by listening to thought-provoking content, and then have the rest of your day to ponder over what you learned, how you can apply the main ideas to your life and much more.

3. Monday through Friday

I consistently listen to Optimal Living Daily podcasts because they are one of the most consistent podcasts on iTunes. With new content every Monday through Friday, it’s become something that I look forward to and is part of my daily routine.

All in all, Optimal Living Podcasts are created to help you optimize your life. If you’re big on self-help books, consider yourself to be a nerd even in the slightest, or enjoy discovering life hacks to make your life a little bit easier, then I highly recommend you check them out.

Just to make sure you get the right ones, you should look for any podcasts with these thumbnails.

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Until next time, get up, get moving and live (or optimize 😉) your best life.

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