Zoella: A YouTuber Teaching Us That Moderation Is Best

For those who know me best, you know I love watching YouTube. It’s my entertainment of choice, and while I have shouted out a few wonderful YouTubers that I love in previous posts, I recently came across one that made such an impact on me I had to dedicate a whole blog post to her and the lessons I’ve learned through her.

I first heard of Zoella years ago, and while I would watch her videos here and there, I was not a loyal fan. That all changed about a month ago when I went on a Zoella, or MoreZoella (her vlog channel) marathon.


I was bored of the YouTube videos in my subscriptions box and just wanted a change. I also wanted to watch something that would make me happy, and what is happier than Vlogmas?

For those who don’t know, Vlogmas is when YouTubers vlog (video log) every day leading up until Christmas, from December 1st until December 24th or 25th. Granted, I was watching this in September… I know, it might seem like I was getting way ahead of myself, but honestly, people are in the best moods during Christmas time, so I just wanted to watch happy and cheery content.

I watched Zoella’s Vlogmas 2016 and then decided to binge on Vlogmas 2015 as well, and once you’ve watched nearly 50 videos of someone carrying out their daily life, it’s almost like you know them, or at least have a good idea of who they are.


I must say, watching Zoella’s vlogs (MoreZoella) was and still is so refreshing. I was getting tired of YouTube lifestyle blogger because it was all the same thing, “Morning Routine,” “Night Routine,” “Fall Morning Routine,” “How I Lost Weight,” “What I Eat In A Day.” While those titles and videos are all fine and good, YouTube has simply been oversaturated with those kinds of videos. How many routines do you need? Why do you have a Monday night routine?

Also, it seemed as though every YouTuber has created a weight loss video, not because they were actually documenting their own journey, but because it’s trendy. The worst part is that you’d watch the video and they’d be like, “So, I ate a grape for breakfast and a blueberry for dinner, I basically skipped lunch, and I lost five pounds!”

I wish I were joking.

Then there are the YouTubers who have the best intentions of being healthy but ultimately come off as hypochondriacs or product pushers. They’ll tell you about the bone broth they bought and the 30 vitamins they’re taking, as well as their avocado toast on sprouted bread that they have with their lemon water and apple cider vinegar short every morning, oh, can’t forget the green juice, and the borderline addiction to Soul Cycle.

I’m not doing this to make fun of many YouTube creators I watch, but I’m doing this to paint the picture of what many of us (I hope) already see. This isn’t realistic. In my opinion, health or trying to be healthy shouldn’t be something to obsess over. Instead, I think it’s something that we should all be moving toward every day will small steps that actually fit into the fabric and daily schedules of our lives.

Don’t have time to make avocado toast every morning, or simply don’t have an avocado? Oatmeal, fruit, or maybe even a breakfast bar will do. It doesn’t even have to be the super popular RX ones. (No shade to RX, I love them too!)


Don’t want to pay $30 for a Soul Cycle spin class or a gym membership? A PopSugar workout video on YouTube or a run around your neighborhood will do.

Want to eat pizza or skip a day of workouts? That’s fine too.

Basically, do what works for you. There shouldn’t be pressure to be a certain image of healthy or to follow in the footsteps of the influencers you watch because healthy takes many forms.

It’s like YouTube lifestyle vloggers have turned into that one fitness Instagrammer that you like, but whenever you see their pictures, you start to feel like crap about yourself.

With all of that said, many of you might be wondering why I mentioned Zoella. Well, in the overly health conscious YouTube space, it’s nice to see a YouTuber who just lives her life as she pleases with no extreme emphasis on being healthy.

You can find Zoella ordering pizza in 1 out of every 4 Vlogmas vlogs you watch and Wagamamas a few times as well. While that is not groundbreaking content, it’s just not something you see on YouTube much more.


It seems like Zoella simply wants to be happy, and enjoy life despite the societal pressure to eat a certain way and live a certain lifestyle. She doesn’t work out often, the food she can’t live without is pizza, and yet she is still healthy and thriving.

So maybe this is a little reminder to everyone that yes, being healthy is great, but everything is done best in moderation, even the healthiest of things.

If you want the piece of cake, eat the piece of cake and don’t feel sorry about it. If you want to workout, go workout but make sure you’re doing it for you.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle but feel it doesn’t live up to what everyone else is saying a healthy lifestyle should look like, remember health, like many other things, is personal. Do what you’re comfortable with, improve at your pace, and make sure whatever you decided, you are doing it because that is truly what you want to do, not what society, or in this case Youtube, told you to do.

You can find Zoella here:

YouTube Channels: Main Channel & Vlog Channel

Blog: Zoella

Instagram: @Zoella


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Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!


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