Save Your Memories with Project Repat

There are so many memories worth keeping, and they are saved in different ways. Many people choose to keep them through pictures, journal entries, and even by keeping the symbolic items themselves. But when those memories come in the form of t-shirts sometimes it can get a little overwhelming and very cluttered.

As a former Division 1 basketball player who had the privilege of representing and playing for two wonderful universities, the University of Virginia and the University of Kansas, I had more than enough memories (t-shirts) at the end of my four years. But as I began to declutter and organize my spaces, I realized that some of these wonderful memories would have to go. Well, so I thought.

About Project Repat. What You Need To Know.

With a little research, I found Project Repat, a company that has been making quality t-shirt quilts and preserving the memories of those who purchase them since 2012.

After reading about them on their site and seeing what they had to offer, I decided to go with their smaller lap/throw quilt. I also decided to make my quilt double sided. One side would be for UVA, and the other would be for KU.

This is simply how I chose to design my blanket, but Project Repat offers a number of sizes (lap, twin, full, queen, and king) and different color fleece backings (orchard, light blue, gray, red, black, and green) if you only want your t-shirts to show on one side.

Also, they offer two t-shirt panel sizes. Just like me, many people choose the 12×12 inch panels because they are using shirts that range from youth sizing to adult larges. But if you are planning on making a quilt out of t-shirts that range from extra large and above, you should opt for the 14×14 inch panels to ensure that none of your graphics get cut off.

Prepping Your Quilt

With that said, I chose what I wanted and then prepared my t-shirts. The prep for each order varies. For me, I only had to cut up two shirts because they had graphics on the front and back.

To avoid the confusion of which graphics you want on your quilt, Project Repat asks that you cut the shirt in half and include whichever side you want to be featured on your quilt when you ship your t-shirts. You can always include both.

Before you start cutting, please visit the Project Repat site for instructions on how they want you to cut each shirt. You won’t cut the quilt squares yourself, you’ll only be separate the sides (front and back).

Also, because I wanted my t-shirts in a certain order, I organized them on a table and then took a picture. I did this for both sides and then included those images in the box when I mailed my t-shirts off.


My Quilt

Once all the prep was done, and I shipped the shirts off, I just had to wait. It didn’t take long. Project Repat says that aside form holiday season, you can expect your quilt(s) within 2-4 weeks, but I received mine within a week and a half of sending it off! It was super quick, and this is the final result!



This process was painless, and now I have a quilt full of memories that I can keep forever. Whether I throw it on a couch, my bed, or hang it up on a wall in my room, it’s great to always have a reminder of the good times I had at UVA and KU.

How To Get Your Quilt!

I know I’m not the only person who has t-shirts that they want to preserve, so if you’re interested you can use this link to place your order today!

Also, with the holidays around the corner, these quilts make the perfect gifts. Just be sure to put your order in before October 1st to ensure that you will receive it before December 24th. I know, that’s soon and really far in advance, but Project Repat is just that popular, and they do a great job, so don’t miss out.

To end this blog, I want to give a huge thank you to Project Repat because I couldn’t be happier with my quilt. It’s beautiful!

You can find Project Repat at or @projectrepatusa on Instagram.


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Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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