My Favorite Health & Wellness Podcasts

Hello, everyone and welcome to the fifth and final day of Wellness Week on my blog. If you’re just now joining us for Wellness Week and don’t even know what it is, this past week I have been posting blogs focusing on nutrition, health, and overall wellness every day, Monday through Friday at 8am EST. If you missed a day along the way, here is a list and links to the blogs from Monday through Thursday.

Monday  – My Thoughts On “What The Health”

Tuesday – Get Fit With DeanFit

Wednesday – Maddie’s Market: One Stop Shop for Natural Skin and Body Care

Thursday – App Appreciation: Headspace

For this final day, I want to leave you guys with a few resources to continue exploring health and wellness on your own. These are resources that I frequently use, usually every day, as constant reminders that I should be striving towards healthy living.


My love for podcasts have grown within the last year, but more importantly within the last month. During this time I have found three podcasts that I listen to that truly inspire healthy living. Here they are…

The Party In my Plants Podcast


Talia Pollock, the host of this podcast, is incredible! She brings so much energy to her podcasts and makes you want to listen to what she and her guests have to say. Her motto is, “[She] makes healthy living as fun as a party so that you’ll, ya know, actually want to do it, and then actually feel, look and live your best.”

While many of her shows are about nutrition, her podcasts truly do encompass all things healthy living. She has interviewed the creator and founder of Genexa, an organic medicine company (yes, you read that right, organic medicine), as well as the creator of Franklin & Whitman, a company that creates all natural, paraben free skin care. These are just two among many other people, author, nutritionists, etc. that have made appearances on her show.

By listening to her podcast, you open yourself up to a wealth of knowledge delivered in a fun and interesting way. I promise you won’t get bored; I know I don’t!

The Model Health Show


The Model Health Show is an excellent podcast run by Sean Stevenson, a fitness and nutrition expert, who dedicates he’s podcast to all things health and exercise related. He truly comes to this podcast from a genuine place of wanting to help people. I will not give his whole story away because I think it’s worth listening to him tell it, but Sean was able to fully rebuild his body from an extremely fragile state through changes in his health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

If anything, he is an inspiration, showing that you can start from the bottom and work your way towards optimum health through daily habits and progress. With over 235 shows on his podcast, you will find at least one podcast that resonates with you and will have ample opportunity to learn new things related to health and wellness.

The Essential Oil Revolution

This podcast covers a topic I am passionate about but also, one which I do not have the most knowledge. Hosted by Samantha Lee Wright, you will have access to information about the miracles of essential oils. As you know, I did not dedicate a whole post to essential oils during this Wellness Week because I feel that I have so much more to learn about them before I can share my thoughts with you. But one thing I will say is that essential oils are extremely powerful and can make a big difference in your health and wellness.

Often, people brush essential oils off as another health craze on the market, and I don’t blame them. I was the same way. But after doing my research, they truly are remarkable, and I highly recommend you take time to listen to this podcast, as well as seek out your knowledge of how these oils can help you.

In short, essential oils are like nature’s medicine at your finger tips. While at times, Western medicine is necessary, I think we rely too much on it day-to-day. Many of our illnesses can be prevented just by using what the earth has given to us, not hard pharmaceutical medicine. Essential oils are from oils of the plants they are derived. So if you genuinely care about what you eat, how you exercise, and ultimately, what you put on your body, then I think learning more about essential oils can be the next step to amping up your health and wellness game. There will be a full post dedicated to these oils in the future, but for now, I highly recommend the Essential Oil Revolution podcast.

While I could give you many more resources to check out, I think these are a great place to start, and they are easy to access. Whether on iTunes or Stitcher, they are completely free and at your fingertips. Also, they are podcasts, so you can listen to them wherever, whenever, and while multitasking. No need to solely dedicate a part of your day to learn this information. You can fit it into your life however it works best for you.

Wellness Week Wrap-Up

I have to say, I have had so much fun creating these blog posts focused on health and wellness because that truly is a passion of mine. I hope they’ve been informative and have pushed you to evaluate what small changes you can make to your life to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled one.

If you liked this blog post or any of the ones shared this week during Wellness Week, please be sure to share them on social media. Also, comment down below our favorite post, and any suggestions on topics or themed weeks you’d like me to write about in the future.

Finally, if you want to go the extra mile, subscribe to my blog so that you never miss a post. As always, great content is coming up ahead, and I don’t want you to miss it. Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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