App Appreciation: Headspace

It’s day four of Wellness Week on my blog! Wow, this week is flying by. For those who are just joining us, Wellness Week is where I post health, nutrition, and overall wellness related content on my blog every day, Monday through Friday at 8am EST. So far we’ve talked about nutrition, fitness, and skin care. The links to those posts can be found here.

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Tuesday – Get Fit with DeanFit

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But without further ado, let’s get to today’s post!

My journey to trying meditation.

For the longest time, I turned down the idea of meditation because it seemed a little too out there, a little too “woo woo,” for me. But isn’t it interesting how things we don’t fully understand we often chalk up to being “woo woo”? Well, I finally began to come around to meditation when I started taking yoga and loving it. Yoga is a meditative practice that incorporates movement. To earn the pleasure of savasana (the “dead,” most relaxed, and meditative pose often done at the end of class) you have to work through the full class, training your mind just to let it rest.

While I love yoga, I can’t make it into a class or studio every day, let alone every week, so I needed another alternative. I heard so many people talk about meditation as the practice or habit that had, “changed their life.” So, though still hesitant to start my own practice, I  started anyway. The tipping point for me was when one of my favorite YouTubers mentioned the HeadSpace app in one of her monthly favorites videos.

I downloaded the app, Headspace, right away and began to explore meditation that night. Since then I haven’t stopped.

What is Headspace?

Headspace is wonderful because it not only leads you through a guided meditation, but it teaches you about what meditation actually is. Also, Headspace explains how it can help you daily and debunks the myths behind meditation.

I began with Headspace’s Basic 1 meditation package (the picture below is Basics 2, the program I’m currently on), which consists of 10 days of beginner guided meditation. Each session lasts roughly between 3-4 minutes, with videos to accompany your understanding of meditation and guide you through the process.


Now I’ll be honest, I didn’t meditate straight through for 10 days, but as I became more consistent days 5-10, I truly saw the value of the app, as well as meditation.

What meditation has done for me…

Many people claim meditation can do a number of things, but I can only speak to what it has done for me, and continues to do, in the short time I’ve practiced.

  1. It allows me to find equilibrium and calmness despite my hectic days and busy schedule.
  2. It also allows me to compartmentalize tasks. But when things do get overwhelming, it givings me the mental space and clarity to step back and make solid decisions in pressing situations.
  3. It also allows me to accept my mind and thoughts for what they are. When I’m focused, that’s awesome, but when I’m not, that’s fine too. This understanding has allowed me to work with my mind to get the results I want, not get frustrated when I don’t.

All Headspace has to offer.

I’ve loved using the app so much that I have decided to continue using it past the Basic 1 package. While I haven’t purchased it yet, I will most likely buy the app to gain access to even more and longer form packages of guided meditation. Once the app is purchased, the meditation packages you gain access to are roughly 20 minutes long, and there are far more to choose from.

So while meditation might be new to you and putting money towards it might not be something you’re interested in right now, I still highly recommend Headspace. It’s a great way to start your meditation practice, and it’s free of charge if you don’t want to upgrade.

Worried you won’t have time? The Basic packages have meditation lessons/segments that last roughly 3-4 minutes. You can do it after brushing your teeth in the morning, before dinner, right before bed, or even at your desk at work. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are greater than you could imagine.

Just give it a try. You won’t regret it!


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Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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7 thoughts on “App Appreciation: Headspace

  1. I love love love this app. Using it was a gateway for me to begin to deepen my buddhist practice. I could carry the tools I needed anywhere right in my pocket. I think anyone can use this app and love it!


      1. I do think you get what you pay for. I have used other apps and none even come close. I love how they have different packs for different moods and feelings. It is great value for the money and perfect for people how are interested in trying meditation.

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  2. I am now not certain where you’re getting your information, but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or working out more. Thank you for wonderful information I was in search of this information for my mission.


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