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Welcome to day two of Wellness Week on my blog, where I post health, nutrition, and overall wellness posts every day this week at 8am EST. Yesterday’s blog post can be found here. Now for today’s post…

So what would wellness week be without a post dedicated to exercise? I can hear the groans now, and trust me I get it. For some, exercise is your least favorite thing in the world, but that’s why for this blog post I’ve collaborated with a good friend of mine, Kelsi Dean, owner and creator of DeanFit.

Whether you’re all about sweating, shredding, and pumping iron, or your short walk from your car into the office is all you can commit to regarding a daily exercise routine, then DeanFit is for you.

A former college volleyball player at the University of Belmont, Kelsi Dean, got her start helping a friend in the music industry get ready for a video shoot. In an industry where what you look like matters, Kelsi was able to help her friend tone up and get fit in a matter of weeks with a specific, detailed, yet doable fitness and nutrition plan.

Now serving people of all ages across the U.S. striving to meet their fitness goals, Kelsi makes herself available to her clients 24/7 answering question, solving problems, and keeping them motivated to attain their primary health and fitness goals.


On her social media platforms (Instagram and Snapchat) Kelsi gives free fitness and nutrition tips, mini workouts, and much more, so definitely follow her on those platforms. But if you sign up with her, she offers three programs, each with very reasonable pricing to match your specific fitness goals.

“The first program is full body shed that uses cardio to tone up your body while building muscle. That’s for someone who would like to go for the whole 360. But a lot of people will come to me for the second program which is toning up and getting that ”summer body’ like many people say. Program three is just building muscle and focusing on different body parts. You can either choose three times a week or four times a week.”


While she continues to serve clients specifically through her current programs mentioned above, in the long run, Kelsi would like DeanFit to be something people look to as a lifestyle brand. “I really just want to make it where people can come and get free fitness and nutrition advice.” But more specifically where the everyday person can get realistic and doable programming that doesn’t heavily stress them and doesn’t require them to turn their whole world upside down to get results.

With so many fitness people and companies vying for your attention, what sets DeanFit apart is that she offers genuine advice and actually wants to help people.

“There is a lot of fake stuff out there, and you really have to be careful about the information you take from people. You don’t know if they’re doing it for whatever reason. So I try to be genuine and show my unique and crazy personality while giving people the real. When people think of DeanFit, I want it to be a place where people can go get trusted advice, trusted help, and really know that whether it’s me or whoever I hire to help, really cares about them. It’s not just for profit. It’s something I really started from passion. I just want people to trust that I’m really there to help them.”


So with all this said, I truly hope you take a moment out of your day to explore DeanFit and see if it can work for you. But if after all this you’re still skeptical, you don’t have to take my word for it, take Bloom’s (the ultimate wellness website for women) advice. They wrote an article highlighting some of the best women in fitness to inspire you to reach your health and wellness goals and Kelsi Dean was the first mentioned. You can read up on it here.

Again, if you have a fitness and nutrition routine that works for you, that’s awesome! But if you have some goals you want to reach and are looking for the first step to get there I highly recommend DeanFit.



You can follow Kelsi on her social media platforms:

IG: @deanfitbykld

Snapchat: @kldean1


If you enjoyed this blog post, please be sure to share it on social media, comment below and subscribe to my blog so that you never miss a post.

Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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