Done Is Better Than Perfect

Hello, wonderful people! I hope everything is going well in your worlds. Today’s post will be a short one, but hopefully a good one nonetheless.

I have a little secret to let you guys in on. I really wasn’t prepared to put this blog post up today. Usually, when I publish a blog post I write it at least 2-3 days before it goes up. Also, I spend ample time checking it to make sure it goes up just as I want it to (sometimes it still doesn’t) and that I have corresponding content ready for all of my social media platforms. Today, that is simply not the case.

My original idea was to dedicate a whole blog post talking about a retreat I attended at the beginning of July, and while I will still mention it, the retreat is not my primary focus. Instead, it is what almost stopped me from posting today, perfection.

Now, I’m not a perfectionist, but I used to be, and it was crippling. I feel like I never truly got anything done because I was so worried it wasn’t the best work I’d ever produced. For example, in blog posts, I would have the finished product in front of me, but I wouldn’t submit it because I was concerned about the adjective I used in line nine, and how it could be more descriptive. For art projects, I was concerned certain colors weren’t blending well and that everyone would notice. And for math, well, I was actually terrible at math so double and triple checking my work was key because let’s face it, even with the extra checks something would inevitably be wrong.

I digress… But with that said, I spun myself into a place of perfection (or analysis) paralysis.

These days, I’ve adopted the mentality of done is better than perfect. As someone who creates content frequently, I’ve realized that the most important thing is that I’m creating, not so much how my creations turn out. Nobody is going to care what adjective I used in line nine. Nobody will notice if the colors in my painting aren’t blended to my liking. And in the case of this blog post, nobody will see the subtle imperfections in my editing.

To explain a little further, the editing I’m referring to comes from a video I filmed and created. This past July, I got the opportunity to document the Peak Performance 2017 Retreat and create a highlight reel and trailer for next year’s retreat.

Attending this event was really special to me because Peak Performance is my former AAU program, and ultimately the program that made me the basketball player I was. It was exciting seeing all of the young talents the program had and watching them prepare and fine tune their game for July recruiting. I was also fortunate enough to give a speech to them about what it’s like to be a college women’s basketball player.

Now is my video going to be nominated for any awards anytime soon? Probably not. But the point is that I finished it, and now I can move forward and make my future projects even better given everything that I have learned through this one.You can’t fix something that actually starts, and you can’t make it better if you never finish. So my lesson this past week was done is better than perfect, and I hope that if you’re hesitating to start, finish or create anything right now, that this quote inspires you to go ahead and do the best with what you have thus far.

Ultimately, you can’t fix something you haven’t started, and you can’t perfect anything without a first draft. So the moral of the story is, done is better than perfect. I hope if you’re hesitating to start, finish or create anything right now, that this quote inspires you to go ahead and see it through.

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Until next time, get up, get moving and live your best life.

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