Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

I didn’t post last week for two reasons. 

The first being that my blog post last Thursday, “A Word On Relationships…,”, left me feeling emotionally drained, but in the best way. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I blog because I love it and because it can be helpful to others. But also, much of what I write about is relatable because I’m either going through it or have recently.

Usually, I choose to write about situations that I have recently gone through because they leave me feeling less emotionally drained, but my last post on relationships was a situation I was currently going through and was probably the most candid I’ve ever been on this blog. In my opinion, that post is my best and most genuine work so far.

With that said, writing about losing friends after college was very real for me, and that post was as close to a personal diary or journal entry as it gets. So, to say the least, I was emotionally drained and couldn’t think of any other topics to follow-up with for the next week. I needed a break to gather myself.

The second reason is that I was overwhelmed, in yet again the best but most anxiety provoking way possible. My daily to-do lists were long, but let’s be honest, after being a varsity college athlete and graduating a year early I’ve definitely had longer ones.

I felt like I could barely stay above water, and after taking some time to evaluate why last week was so overwhelming, I realized that it was because I pushed myself out of comfort zone.

The saying goes “Nothing good happens inside your comfort zone.”

I definitely believe that growth begins when you step outside of what you know; therefore, some of the better things in life happen outside of your comfort zone. But that is so much easier said than done. I mean who doesn’t want to be comfortable?

As a creature of habit, pushing myself outside of my norm is something I avoid at all costs. If I’m honest, I try to limit “getting out of my comfort zone” to a once a week ordeal, if that.

I do that because I literally become exhausted and fatigued from the high levels of anxiety I endure when I do take that leap. Yup, you heard it correctly, going outside of my comfort zone is the equivocate of a tough (mental) workout for me. 

So since that’s how I feel towards discomfort, it is no surprise why last week took everything out of me. It felt as though every day I was either out of my comfort zone or preparing to be.

Much of what I was working on was video and photography related. In due time, the final product of last week will be shown on this blog, but to give you some perspective, I was producing a short documentary/interest piece. The stressful thing was, I was the producer, camera (wo)man, in charge of lighting and audio, and am currently in the midst of post-production. To put it simply, I was and still am a one (wo)man show.

Creating quality video content for this blog has been a dream of mine since the beginning and it’s good to know that this dream is weeks away from being realized. But the process of actually turning dreams into reality is uncomfortable and overwhelming.

At some point, you have to stop talking about it and actually start doing something. This last week and weekend I did exactly that, and I sure am glad I did. Despite the discomfort, uneasiness, anxiety, etc., I was able to finally put what I have been thinking about since December 2016 into action, and it was a great feeling.

If you’re sitting on your dreams, I highly encourage you to get up and act upon them. It’s not comfortable, it’s definitely overwhelming and you might second guess yourself along the way, but that small act of doing, whether it turns out like you envisioned it or not, teaches you so much, gives you confidence and gets you one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Sometimes you have to be overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone to be your best self and create your best work. I encourage you to push yourself to do so.

Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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