Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day is around the corner and now is a great time to start thinking about what you’re going to get the woman who brought you into this world. Just think about it, you wouldn’t be here without her, and all she gets is one day out of the entire year? For me, I think every day should be mother’s day (and father’s day as well).

I can never repay my mother for everything she has done for me. I mean, she puts up with me, and that speaks volumes about her character.

But this Mother’s Day, May 14th, I want to make sure that my mom knows she is appreciated and I’m sure you do too. By no means is giving a gift the only way to show appreciation, but if that’s the route you want to go, here are a few suggestions.

Beautiful Stationary

It might just be me, but I love quality stationery. I know, it’s just paper, but sometimes I think it speaks louder than any gift you could give. To some, this might not qualify as a gift, but if it’s done right, it could be. Or it could be supplementary to your main gift.

I think a “Happy Mother’s Day,” card is always a nice touch, but instead of picking it up at CVS or Walgreen’s, try a local stationary shop.

Finding unique cards with good calligraphy, lovely art, and witty sayings that match your personality is always fun. These authentic cards are creative, artsy, and allow you to interject a little bit of your personality into any gift you are giving.

So whether you give it by itself or with another gift, make it slightly more authentic by picking it up from a local stationary shop.


A few years ago candles were more of an old lady gift. But now everyone, from teens to grandmas appreciate a good candle. Moms are no different.

You know your mother better than anyone else, so I highly recommend picking up a scent you think she’ll like. But if you’re completely unsure, here are a couple staples that I love.

Volcano by Capri BLUE


Roses by Diptyque


Massages & Facials

I think every mom could use a little rest and relaxation from time-to-time, and nothing can do that better than a spa day. I don’t know about you, but massages are few and far between in my world. It has to be an extremely special occasion to get one and the same goes for facials. So why not give your mom the treatment that every queen deserves by getting her a spa day?

If that’s not in your budget, that’s cool. Bring the spa to her. Sephora has a bunch of great face masks out right now. A few that I like are Farmacy Honey Potion, Fresh Vitamin Nectar vibrancy boosting face mask, and GlamGlow Supermud clearing treatment. While these are not drug store priced face masks, they are definitely cheaper than a professional facial. You can also pick up a few bath balms from Lush Cosmetics for the full pampering experience.


Sometimes I think this gift is a little overdone, but if your mom really likes bags or is in need of a new one, there are a lot of great ones on the market that range in price. Here are a couple suggestions.

Cedar Street Medium Harmony by Kate Spade


Medium Le Pliage’ Tote by Longchamp


If none of these gifts sound good to you, I think the best way to go is to write a letter to your mom letting her know how much she means to you. It will cost you nothing (maybe a stamp) and will make her day.

Our mom’s do so much for us and the goal on Mother’s Day is to let them know how much you care. It’s not about how you do it, but that you do it. So no matter which gift or form of appreciation you choose, I’m sure she is going to love it.

Comment down below any Mother’s Day gift suggestions you have, and any unique ways you show your appreciation on Mother’s Day. I’m curious to know! 😄

Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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