College was….

With graduation around the corner, I can’t help but reminisce about the last four years.

If only I could go back and tell my younger self all that I would do, see and become. That college would be so much fun, but not for the reasons that people tell you. Well sometimes, but as you live through it, you forget about what people told you it would be, and you just enjoy it for what it is. You create your own unique experiences and memories, and gradually shape yourself into the person you’re supposed to be four years later.

For the sake of keeping things short and sweet, I’ve created a list of what college was to me. Hopefully, you can identify with a few of these and this gets you thinking about what the past four (or three or five) years have been like for you.

College was…

Where I regret every 8 AM I ever took. Freshman mistakes, we all make them.

Where late night conversations became routine.

Where I (kind of) learned how to manage my time.

Where my expectations didn’t always become my reality, but things worked out anyway.

Where I met some of my closest friends to this day.

Where inside jokes were in abundance.

Where General Chemistry destroyed my dreams of becoming a doctor.

Where I later found my passions for writing and all things media.

Where darties (day parties) were always a good idea.

Where I learned Burnett’s are cheap, but they don’t taste very good.

Where Latch by Sam Smith became my freshman year anthem.

Where I learned that being an athlete didn’t have to define me.

Where living in what felt like the smallest and most congested living quarters in America (known as freshmen dorms) really brought people together, and for others, tore them apart.

Where I realized life is short, have the Bodo’s bagel, or three, and a chai latte too.

Where sometimes the “easy” classes weren’t so easy.

Where I realized I’m capable so much more than I thought.

Where 6 AM lifts and conditioning made me question why I played a sport.

Where teammates became family and made collge a home away from home.

Where any excuse to throw a party was a good idea. People would come. (Maybe the same holds true as an adult. We’ll have to wait and see.)

Where I had to be responsible, but not too responsible.

Where procrastination and big assignments were the perfect recipe for all-nighters.

Where I lived, laughed, loved, and now I’m leaving.

Where I went in for an education but left with so much more.

To say the least, it was four years well spent!

Comment down below what college was/is to you. Until next time, get up, get moving, and live your best life!

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