Things I’m Loving

January is kind of a weird month. The holidays are over and soon after the first of the month, the motivation to start new wears off. No wonder so many people suffer from post-holiday depression. If you are one of those people, hopefully, one or all items on this list can cheer you up, or even inspire you to make a Things I’m Loving list of your own. Chocolate, clothes, movies and me are among many of the things that I’ve loved recently, so let’s get into it!

Chocolove Xoxox Extreme Dark Chocolate

I wouldn’t say that I have a sweet tooth, but I have a deep love for dark chocolate in its purest form. That’s probably why I love this chocolate bar so much. It is extreme dark chocolate, and by “extreme” I mean 88% cocoa content. I found it at my local grocery story and had to try it. I was definitely not disappointed! Though I found it at my local store, you can find it at stores like Whole Foods or Wild Oats. It satisfies my craving for chocolate but isn’t overly sweet like other candy or chocolate bars with only 4 grams of sugar per serving. That’s pretty good if you ask me! Chacolove also engages in sustainability and social responsibility by using fair trade chocolate, contributing to the World Cocoa Foundation, and funding projects at the USDA among other things. So why not enjoy a sweet treat and know that you’re supporting a company that is environmentally responsible?

Me time

I would say I’m a pretty independent person and genuinely enjoy my own company, but recently I’ve taken that to a whole new level. I have taken myself to the movies, gone to a pottery studio to paint, and have signed up for a local cooking class all by myself. As we head into a month that constantly tells us that we need someone else to validate our own existence, I am here to say that you don’t. Love yourself, enjoy “you” time, and take yourself on dates. You don’t need anyone else to do that for you. One thing that I’ve realized by doing these things alone is that I can actually figure out what I like to do, not what I like to do because the people around me liked to do it. I’m generating my own opinions, I learning more about myself, and I’m having fun while doing it. You should try it sometime!

Aritzia Clothing

I don’t buy clothes often, but recently I’ve been loving the camisoles from Aritizia. They are simple, dainty, and can be dressed up or down. Here is a link to one of the styles I’ve been loving. But outside of just the camisoles, I love the style of Aritzia clothing. Everything looks streamline and fashionable. It’s a little pricy, but their clothes are quality and do last. So while I won’t buy a lot from them, the investment is worth the money.

La La Land

I dedicated a whole post to this movie, so in case you missed it, here is the link. Outside of the wonderful plotline of modern love, career, and pulling the best out of each other in a relationship, I loved Mia’s (Emma Stone) fashion sense in the move. I was contemplating whether to do a whole post dedicated to the dresses she wore, but for now, I will stick to a mention in Things I’m Loving. She has inspired me to find joy in wearing beautiful and elegant dresses that are classy, aka not skin tight and revealing. While it’s not exactly sundress weather where I live, I’ll be sure to channel my inner Mia when spring rolls around. Oh, and the La La Land soundtrack. Give it a listen! You won’t regret it.

These are just a few Things I’m Loving right now. What about you? Spread the love and comment some of the things you’ve been loving down below!


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