5 Reasons to Watch La La Land

I finally gave into the hype and saw La La Land. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed, I was actually blown away! The film was nominated for and won Best Actor and Actress in a Musical or Comedy, Best Musical or Comedy, Best Director of a Motion Picture, Best Original Score, and Best Screenplay of a Motion Picture at the Golden Globes. But now that you know the Hollywood Foreign Press Association loved the movie, I thought I would give you a few less credible reason for why I liked it too.

1. If you like High School Musical or Musicals in General…

“We’re soring… flying,” well not exactly. I would say it’s easy to draw comparisons between the two movies, but there are obvious differences and for good reason. For example, I don’t think High School Musical was ever nominated for a Golden Globe. The biggest similarity is that both movies are musicals, so if you’re into that kind of thing, this is definitely the movie for you. But instead of leaving the theater singing, “We’re all in this together,” you’ll probably be singing “City of Stars”.

In my opinion, La La Land is High School Musical times 10. You get romance, comedy, and so much more; it’s more refined and less childish. Granted, La La Land is about two adults, not high schoolers so that is to be expected. Also, while it is a musical, all the musical scenes are quite tasteful and add a lot to the storyline. You don’t always feel like you’re watching a musical, which is great because that means they didn’t over-do it. There is a fine balance between storytelling through words and through song, and the dancing in between is a bonus.

2. If you like Jazz…

I’ve never been extremely picky about the music I like, but the soundtrack to La La Land is pure gold, that is if you like jazz. I was constantly tapping my foot and moving in my chair to the upbeat jazz and swing tunes. It’s kind of hard not to like jazz because it’s such a timeless genre. But even if you don’t, the enthusiasm that each character shares for the genre will turn you into a fan, even if it’s just for the two hours you’re watching the movie.

3. Camera Angles

As a videography and film junky, I have to say that the movie was shot in so many dynamic and interesting ways. One way that stood out to me was when it was shot like it was recorded on a hand-held tape recorder. The camera moved around from subject-to-subject, widening and narrowing the audience’s view of what was happening without having to cut to a new camera. In some scenes, it was as if it was filmed in just one take, on just one camera. That was very impressive to watch on the big screen and definitely captivated my attention. I just had to show appreciate for the skill that it takes to make such a wonderful piece of art.

4. The Chemistry Between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

“Bravo! Brava,” is all I can say! Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have to be my favorite duo when it comes to the big screen. Before this, they were on Gangster Squad together, but more notably they were both main protagonists on Crazy, Stupid, Love. They just have unbelievable chemistry and play so well off of each other. They truly make the characters of Sabastian and Mia come to life. You fall in love with them. You want to be friends with them, and when the movie ends, you want to relive it all over again.

5. Perfect Blend of Rom-Com and Reality

I have to say, in the past, my ideal movies were chick flicks with extremely predictable endings. Now that my interests are crossing over into the more mature dramas, there is no question why I liked this movie. I think it is a very realistic depiction of the struggle between love and career. The ending is neither shocking nor predictable, but realistic, so I think if you like predictable rom-coms or surprising dramas, this movie can check both boxes.

The director, Damien Chazelle, did a great job of giving everyone a glimpse of how they thought Sabastian and Mia would end up. While you may or may not get your way, this movie gives a very realistic view of what love looks like specifically as a young adult and maybe even beyond. I feel like when you’re young there is always constant tension between love and your career, and not everyone is lucky enough to keep both in the end. Sometimes you can’t have it all, you have to choose, and when you do choose, can you live with the decision? “What if,” is a very powerful statement.

So hopefully this post has led you to believe, La La Land was great because it was! I’m not even an avid movie goer, but I’m glad I went because this movie has snuck into my top five! To say the least, while DVD’s might be a thing of the past, I will be sure to buy La La Land on Amazon Prime as soon as it’s available.

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