2017 Resolutions

“New year, new you…” Well, not exactly. It’s a new year but the same you with hopefully more focused goals. I start this year with hopes that by the end I can say I’m not the same as I was when it started. Nothing is scarier than no change at all. Below is my list of goals/resolutions that I would like to implement in 2017.

Early To Bed & Early To Rise

“You have as many hours in the day as Beyoncé.” Yes, very true, but I do not have the same resources as her, and chances are you don’t either. It truly is a grind to be productive and with things always pulling our attention away from our goals, how can we truly make the most of our day? Facts have shown that the most successful people have mastered the art of waking up early. Yes, it is truly an art because many people cannot seem to do it. There is value in waking up early and starting your day before your peers. Not only are you able to get more done, but you can sustain productivity for longer throughout the day. We all have 24 hours in a day and we all make time for what is important to us. Figure out what is of high value on your priority list and schedule your time accordingly. Remember, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a woman (or man) healthy, wealthy, and wise.” But as a side note, the most important part of this quote is “early to bed”. There is no sense in running off of no sleep. Get to bed early, wake up early, and win the day!


I traveled a lot in 2016 and it was almost by chance. I moved across the country for a summer internship, went to Europe right after, then I moved to the Midwest for graduate school. Each experience taught me so much and allowed me to grow as a person by introducing me to new cultures, people, and experiences. I also realized that while I will always love my home and comfort zone there is a big world out there, and it’s important to explore it.

Physical and Emotional Health

Everyone wants a six pack and a beach body, but nobody really wants to talk about the anxiety their experiencing, their poor sleeping habits, or what’s really keeping them up at night. As an extremely anxious person, I have learned the value of taking time for myself and seeking out help when necessary. Life is tough. Everyone is going through something and most of the time we’re not talking about it. Just as you make an effort to go to the gym multiple times per week, your efforts should be the same for keeping up with your emotional health. Health includes mind, body, and spirit. All aspects are important, so be sure not to neglect any part of it.

Find A Side Hustle

As a person about to graduate from college, finding a job is very important. But I think finding my side hustle is even more important. My dad is an entrepreneur and has been for the majority of my life. I was always taught that if you’re not building your dreams, you’re building someone else’s. While I cannot go straight into entrepreneurship full time after graduation, there are certain dreams and passions of mine that could easily become my side hustle. We all have something that we make time for even after a long day at school or work. That is the building block. Truly hone in on your craft and find a way to profit from it. You’ll thank yourself for the extra income and time well spent doing something you love.

Though this blog post focused on new year’s resolutions, keep in mind that we all have the opportunity to set goals, create new resolutions, and change our lives at any point in time during the year. While the new year provides us with the thought of a clean slate, know that it’s never too late to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of. That will be as true on January 1st as it is on June 23rd and all other days of the year.

May your enthusiasm towards your goals and resolutions remain strong for as long as you wish to keep them. Happy New Year!

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